Karrin Simpson – Coaching and Shamanic Energy Work 2020 “I have been working with Dawn on and off for the past 2 years. Dawn works with gentle focus and allows self-expression, whilst keeping you focused to the healing process. She has such a knowingness and kept me on the right track even when I had no conscious awareness of what that track was?!… Therapist, Psychic, Intuitive, Healer, Dawn always holding you safely and in Grace. She works by talking with you about your issue and guides you to self-realisation of the core issue. Energetically, she holds you whilst shifting the energies that are holding your old patterns and releases them… the shifts, I have found palpable and actually felt the changes that happened bodily. The outcome of all of my sessions are great insight and an appreciation for my self and my truth. I am finally expressing the person I was meant to be, which is amazing! Enlightening! And it makes my heart sing! I have never been all that content with myself until now… and it is largely with thanks to the work that Dawn does. Thank you with all my heart.”

Maria Broman – Shamanic Energy Work 2019  “I have thought many times that in this storm that I have experienced the last 4/5 months, I have had so much help from you and your sessions. Helping me clear the underlying stuff so that I have actually moved forward and learned my lessons that are meant for me in this storm and not just got caught in the drama. Because that would have been so easy! Twice when we have worked it has been exactly what I need and in both cases, I fully understood it, only some time after, that your clearing didn’t just help me in where I was, but really prepared me for the next coming shock, unknown for both of us at the time of the session. Your work is beautifully intuitive and transforming. You have an amazing gift in doing this work!”

Mrs Katie Vincent – Child Psychotherapy “Around  2017 I felt a helpless wreck for my daughter who was 8 years old and her anxiety had spiralled out of control.

My daughter has brittle bones and has broken quite a few bones but the latest one was a severely bad broken femur where she needed a rod in her leg. My daughter was lying in a hospital bed screaming at anyone who came near her. It was horrible to watch and no matter how much I tried to calm her my fears were tuning into her to.

This was a turning point for me as I decided we needed to desperately seek help professionally after trying before through the NHS twice and failing to dig deep into why my daughter had anxiety. A friend of mine recommended Dawn Rosser.

I was very sceptical but called Dawn. The minute I spoke to Dawn I felt at ease as Dawn words of ‘I am going to find a way of helping all of you’. Was a big relief. My daughter saw Dawn and although she was very withdrawn she started talking to Dawn and opening up to things that I didn’t even realise effected my daughter through sand therapy, colouring and playing.

It has taken a full year for my daughter to find her voice again, to take control and tell the professionals, school and anyone what she wants.  Dawn even spent time with me as I didn’t realise how my daughters condition had effected all of us. It has been a real eye opener and I can’t thank Dawn enough for helping all of us out of a dark hole.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is suffering to seek professional help with Dawn.”

Helena Coen – Psychotherapy “When I met Dawn, I was fearful of everything and living a very restricted existence. Dawn has guided me to learn how to replace that fear with trust. That small piece of wisdom is the most empowering thing I have ever learned and it has truly changed my life.”

Rosie Porter – Psychotherapy “I was surviving with no real life and scrambling around in the dark. My therapy with Dawn has allowed me to learn to adapt to the darkness, find coping strategies and step into the light which has left me feeling liberated. I can’t thank Dawn enough.”

Claire Murphy – Workshop “Dawn took us through ‘In Their Shoes’ – a process of, as the name suggests, putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

Naturally the exercise focused our attention on someone with whom we have something of a problematic relationship with, and despite the potential depths of emotion that this brings, Dawn enabled an easing into this through meditation and to move from emotions such as anger or fear towards the emotion of love for this person.

Coupled with the working with meditation, we also used the medium of art (crayons and pastels) in order to access the healing modality of symbolism and colour. Throughout Dawn was incredibly encouraging and the warmth of her voice and gentle instructions helped me shift my perspective and gain some very valuable insights. Am very grateful for this experience, thank you.”

Dr Maria Oviedo & Daughter – Psychotherapy “Dawn is enthusiastic, caring and highly skilled at helping children to enjoy the therapy sessions. She relates to children ever so easily and has a fantastic ability to speak with them at their own level of understanding. She is very astute and intuitive to sense what other people are thinking and feeling.

Our daughter has always looked forward to her sessions with Dawn and we always felt that Dawn managed to gain our child’s trust thus creating a safe environment.

Dawn has great compassion and can empathise with your pain and difficulties well. At the same time, she has such a solid emotional footing that nothing will faze her. She can handle any level of stress and emotional turmoil. With her you feel you are “in good hands”. Her ample knowledge and flexibility with different therapeutic approaches gives you the best chance at having a successful outcome.

Dawn inspires patients to confide in her and trust her with their problems without feeling judged. You do feel like you are in a partnership with her setting up goals that we both agree on.
Without Dawn the difficulties in our home would have become crisis…she is truly a lifesaver.”

Flourish Workshop 2017 ” … enlightening and freeing … “
” … I have completely changed how I feel about my body which was a revelation for me … “
” … the whole programme was exceptional … “
” … inspirational and a life-changing experience … “

Monica Linares – Psychotherapy “All my life I have realised that all the people that you know they come into your life for a specific purpose. Your purpose has been to awake me to my new life, my real life. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Sue Alexander – Workshop “I went along to one of Dawn’s workshops … I had been having problems with my daughter, we disagreed over everything, were arguing a lot and she seemed to always favour her Dad over myself … we visualised the situation from the other persons (my daughters) point of view.

This process was extremely enlightening for me, the realisation was so strong and powerful that I started to get choked. I realised I had been forcing my views onto her … this was so powerful. For the first time I got the message that she isn’t a mini me, she is her own self. And I need to treat her that way … The change in our relationship has been immense … I feel so grateful to Dawn for helping me recognise the issue, and fixing our relationship before she enters her teens. Such a simple resolution. I didn’t need weeks of therapy all it took was one session to address a problem that could have affected our relationship for our whole lives.”

Present Parents Workshop “On the evening after attending the workshop Present Parents, I had a challenging phone conversation with my adult son.

My dilemma, historically as a Mum, has been to lose myself and drown in the presenting ‘problem’ with my children. I lose the essence of myself as separate and solid and grounded in the here and now moment. I become obsessive about solving, fixing, rescuing and making better.

Because of the learning I had gained; a lot of it visual and therefore very graphic and clear, I was able in the moment of speaking to my son, to recall the image, the sculpt I had made, illustrating my task, to stay separate, yet be present and supportive whilst allowing him his autonomy and self direction to be all that he is meant to be. I was able to trust that I was good enough. I did not have to over compensate and bend myself out of shape, all I had to do was listen.

After the conversation, I felt calm, proud and a lot more steady than other times in the past when I had been left feeling resentful, used, misunderstood and dissatisfied with our relationship. The workshop taught me how to trust in myself, how to allow space for myself and my child to just BE, to trust the process and the relationship. There is no need to push the river, as it were.

Yippee! what a relief. Parents of adult children will really really really benefit from this workshop. We are all parenting for very much longer these days. I am so grateful for Dawn’s creative non-judgemental delivery on how to make parenting a more rewarding experience.”

Nicola – Psychotherapy “I have known Dawn through therapy for just over a year so when I heard about the Present Parenting course I knew I wanted to attend. I must admit that I went with no specific expectations or desired outcomes, but what I gained on the course was far more than I could have hoped for.

Dawn’s approach is very much centred around you as an individual & your personal family situation, there are no step by step parenting techniques, not teaching as such but more a journey of realisation & discovery. What I have gained from the course is recognising the way I was raised, who I have become as a result & the way I parent my children.

Above all it had helped me to identify the parent I want to be & can be. I find it difficult to put into words what I feel I have gained from the Present Parenting Course with Dawn but the course has stayed with me & made me mindful of my parenting & being true to myself & my family. I can only see benefits to us all from my journey with Dawn. Thank you.”

Sarah Pimm & 11 Year Old Daughter – Child Psychotherapy “ …You have given us stability and understanding of some of the finer things in life that sometimes seem to pass us by so easily despite being so close in front of us; how wonderful our own children are and how precious family ties can be. Our daughter has flourished with your care and your help and it is with great pride that we now watch her as she completes her primary years and embarks on the next stage of her life. Thank you, thank you – you are a credit to your profession and I cannot put in to words how highly I would recommend you…”

Present Parents Workshop “What an amazing day! Beautiful surroundings and beautifully guided by Dawn. The Present Parenting workshop has been invaluable. Each day that goes by I am having new insights into my experiences of being parented and now how I parent myself. The guided mediations, creative drawing and sand tray elements really work at a deep and sometimes unconscious level. I felt safe and supported talking out my own experiences. The perfect atmosphere to explore and learn! Thank you Dawn!”

G Sharratt – Psychotherapy “Thank you Dawn for helping me with my long list of concerns that were dragging me down and for getting me back to looking forward to the future.”

Mark Luttit & Teenage Son – Psychotherapy “I’m sure you’re used to receiving emotional thanks from relieved parents but I wanted you to know something. What you have both achieved is both remarkable and wonderful and I will be grateful to you for the rest of our lives. To say you helped give me my son back is not accurate. It’s better than that. I brought you that poor broken kid a couple years ago and look at him now. You helped him find a potential future and gave him the confidence and courage to fight through… you opened the door and taught him he deserves a good life like everyone else.”

Dr. Gareth Thomas – Psychotherapy “In this day and age it can be a rare thing to discover someone who can genuinely help us on our journeys. Dawn Rosser does this with true, grounded compassion and care.”

Nicky Mitchell – Psychotherapy “I first said to you that I didn’t expect a miracle cure. What I actually have is a much greater respect and understanding of myself. I have an inner peace which is as much as you can wish for.”

Gabriella Walters (age 16-18 yrs) – Psychotherapy “My experience of being a client through therapy with Dawn couldn’t have been any better. Dawn is not only very flexible and professional but she is such a great listener, caring, understanding, encouraging and really empathised with me. I learnt that no matter what, therapy wouldn’t have worked for me unless I formed a bond with my therapist and actually wanted to be there and take part in each of my sessions, which is exactly what I did with Dawn.

Dawn had many useful resources to help express myself, such as a sand tray, painting, music, drawing, toys and visualisations. These helped me a lot and I was always confident in trying different ways to help express my feelings and emotions.

During therapy I didn’t see me coping on my own without Dawns help and support but Dawn made me realise I was actually helping myself. Within my time spent with Dawn I never had the confidence to see our time together coming to an end and again Dawn made me realise that one day I would be ready to finish therapy and within time I began to see Dawn less and less until I was ready to come to the end.

I truly recommend Dawn to anyone who really needs that someone special and professional to confide in and have to help and listen to them as Dawn was that very special someone to me.”

Postcard from 7 year old Ben, who overcame separation anxiety and sent a postcard about his amazing achievements!

dawn testimonial - ben

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