I believe “Therapy” provides much more than just a service for “mental health”.

It is an essential, affirming, developmental experience in which people can fully find themselves. Incorporating essential life skills, discovery of truth, passion and potential, realisation of meaning, self-worth and autonomy and manifestation of authentic, individual independence. All of which embeds a deep inner core of wellbeing and security from which all else can stem.

Qualifications and Experience

I had my first experience of counselling in 1998. It was the catalyst in my journey of healing, self-discovery and living authentically. Since then, I have continued to explore and develop my purpose and passion for self-actualisation and helping others find fulfilment in their journey.

I started training in Counselling and Psychotherapy in January 2002, graduating in October 2007 as a Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapist. I have worked with clients of all ages since 2002, and been in private practice since 2006.

• Trained at CCPE
• UKCP Registered with Continued Professional Development (UKCP Standards, Ethics, Procedures (https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/registers-standards/standards-guidance-and-policies/)
• 2002 Certificate in Fundamentals of Counselling & Psychotherapy
• 2006 Four years Diploma training in Transpersonal Counselling & Psychotherapy
• 2007 Diploma in Sandplay Studies
• 2007 Masters in Integrative & Transpersonal Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy
• 2009 City & Guilds Level Three Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector