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Dawn Rosser MA UKCP Reg.

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Welcome to my private Psychotherapy Service, based in Bushey and Tring, Hertfordshire.

My aim is to help people find their truth, resilience and independence.

You may be feeling stuck or powerless, or that something is missing. You may feel like you are going round in circles or that history is repeating itself. You may already be on a journey of self-discovery and want to delve deeper.

Drawing on over 20 years of personal and professional continued practice in psychotherapy, developmental psychology, mindfulness, body and energy work, I provide a safe, comprehensive, supportive environment in which to explore, heal and individuate.

Together we work to resolve the root cause of issues and re-establish a healthy, secure, inner foundation and framework from which you can flourish. Using creative techniques as well as talking, the transformation process is authentic and lasting, facilitating inner wellbeing, fundamental resource, wholeness, meaning and purpose.

One of the most liberating and enriching gifts we can have is that of Self-Awareness; it really is life-changing.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Who I Work With

I work with all individuals 1:1, Skype or Phone. My specialism is Children and Parents. I also run group Self-Development workshops.


With young children I work in conjunction with parents, keeping in mind the family as a whole. The child’s “acting out” is often a reflection of their environment. Each situation is assessed and tailored to meet individual needs. Both the child and parents may need a combination of sessions depending on the nature of the issues. I provide a safe, facilitating space in which the child makes sense of their experience and resumes their natural state, whilst supporting the parents with the environmental issues.


I also work separately with parents on parenting skills, developmental stages and transitions for their children and their own life story and experiences, which may impact on their current family situation, parenting techniques and abilities.

Tweens / Teens

As children get older, the space I offer is more confidential, with the child’s own separate sessions. If appropriate, parents are sometimes invited in at the end of a session. I hold separate regular meetings with parents, around every 6-8 weeks, to allow space for their experience and to discuss the progress. With regards to these sessions, I advise parents on themes, but never content and always discuss this with the child first to keep the trust and boundaries. The child is free to divulge any aspect of our work. Young People (16-18 onwards) This work is confidential, without parental inclusion, unless specifically required for that individual.

Young People

For Young People (16-18 onwards) the work is confidential, without parental inclusion (unless specifically requested). Often our work is about ignition. Helping the young person get on track, go through any separation/individuation stages, recognise themselves and their talents, find their voice and power and put things into action so they can begin their unique lives.


For adults, it can be a longer process to an inner sense of real autonomy and integrity. Over the years, we integrate layers of adapted and conditioned behaviour and learning, in order to get our needs met, which, often later on are the same behaviours that limit and hinder our self-expression. Together we explore current, early life and inherited experience, all of which shapes who and how we are. We work to transform the underlying origins and reintegrate a healthy, supportive internal base from which the person can freely and authentically flourish.

Techniques I use in My work

Creative Imagination

This is the world of symbology, myths, fairytales and dreams. Various techniques include guided or open imagery, body, breath and sound work, dream work, visualization and meditation. .


Along with other forms of artwork also allow the visual expression of experiences and feelings, which may be difficult to name or even unknown.


This is a diagnostic tool, which can be used to bridge the realities of the conscious, physical world with the unconscious dream-like world. This can enable integration of all aspects of ourselves, including our shadow, latent potentials and qualities.

Play Therapy

This is a self-healing process in which, through fiction, children can express, confront and make sense of their conscious and unconscious experiences, feelings, thoughts and concerns. Communicating through metaphor and symbolism, within a contained and safe therapeutic environment, the child is free to explore. A natural component of healthy child development, play enables self-awareness, discovery and mastery of skills and social values.


This is a deeply powerful, self-healing, hands-on method of psychotherapy. It is a regressive process and can be experienced as a “dream-like” state. This visceral and visual process enables the client to create three-dimensional imagery, connecting inner with outer reality. The sand stimulates the pads of the fingertips, which link directly to the emotional ‘Limbic System’ (Siegel, 1999), bypassing the rational logic of the mind. Sandplay is often a silent activity in which the therapist contains and witnesses the client’s creations, facilitating healing and transformation.

Role Play and Chair Work

Through experimentation and acting out, emotional complexes are brought into the present, providing insight and empathy, enabling them to be worked through and released.

Water, clay and finger paints

These have the same visceral and visual experience as sandplay.



The Changing Room
66-70 High Street
WD23 3HE

My hours of work are:
Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Fees & Contract

• Sessions are held weekly at an allotted time, for 50 minutes
• The session fee is £75
• Notice of cancellation is 2 working days, otherwise the full fee is charged. Where possible, the session can be rearranged.
• Please provide as much notice as possible for holidays
• You will gain the most from this experience by regular attendance, being open and curious and working with the process outside of the sessions


• Sessions are confidential, shared only between client, therapist and clinical supervisor
• Confidentiality will be broken if there is risk of danger to the client or anyone else disclosed
• Breaks in confidentiality, where possible, are discussed with clients first, unless this puts the client or anyone else at risk
• Themes, not content, of children’s sessions may be shared with parents to facilitate the process
• UKCP Safeguarding procedures are adhered to (

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